History of the company

Kristallen was founded in 1982 by Agne and Barbro Söderström. First they were mainly designing and producing jewellery with stones from Norrbotten. Then they started organizing goldpanning courses and competitions which attracted tourists to the small village.
In 1986 they started teaching stonecutting and goldsmithing, which is still today one of Kristallen's pillars.

Today, the company is being managed by Agne and Barbro's daughter Jenny, who has brought it to the international stage.
Kristallen is the only center in Scandinavia which delivers the diploma from The Gemmological Association (Gem-A).
Between 2003 and 2017,  around 100 students attended an university-level education in gemstone technology.
Kristallen still welcomes students in stonecutting and gold- and silversmithing as well as apprentices, in cooperation with Hantverkslärling and Malmfältens Folkhögskola.

We also organize half-day workshops that you can book all year round as well as goldpanning courses (summertime only).

In Kristallen's boutique you will find unique, homemade jewellery designed with inspiration from the artic nature and wildlife. Kristallen is also home to one of Scandinavia's biggest collections of minerals, including the first diamond ever found in Sweden, by Agne himself. Outside of Kristallen you can also find one of the world's biggest facet-cut stones.

Kristallen has expanded through the years and in 1997 bought and renovated the buildings which have become since 2016 the tourist village Aurora Mountain Lodge. The cabins used to be accommodation for the students, while the current hotel's rooms used to be differents rooms of the school.

A place full of passion and stories that Jenny and her team are happy to share to visitors.
A warm welcome to Kristallen in Lannavaara!