Basic education in stonecutting, goldsmithing and gemmology

The education is a cooperation between Kristallen and Malmfältens Folkhögskola in Kiruna. It is a one year long education which contains both teoretical and practical aspects of the gemstone and jewellery business. The students learn basic geology, stonecutting, jewellerymaking, basic stonesetting and a international course in gemmology.

The course is mainly in Swedish but the gemmology part is in English.

Gemmology education (Gem-A)

Kristallen offers gemmological education in cooperation with The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A). We are a studycenter under Gem-A and therefore offers their courses : Diploma in Gemmology, FGA and Gem Diamond Diploma, DGA. 

The FGA course consists two parts wich requires about 800 hours of study each. All practical parts of the FGA course can be done in our laboratory, though the practical diamond grading part of the DGA course has to be done at Gem-A in London. Examination takes place twice a year, in January and June.

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Kristallen accepts both gemstonecutter and goldsmith apprentices.

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