Welcome to Kristallen in Lannavaara!

Kristallen is a family-owned company located in a small village called Lannavaara, 140 km northeast of Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. Around 100 people live year-round in Lannavaara but there is a lot of life and activity there, summer and winter likewise.

Kristallen is Scandinavia's leading educational centre for gemstones, gemmology and jewellery making. We offer training in stonecutting, gold- and silversmithing, from three hours workshops up to one year certifying educations and apprenticeship.

We also cut stones and make jewellery that we sell in our boutique and on our webshop.
Our certified goldsmiths and silversmiths also make jewellery following your requirements, as well as carry out identifications and valuations.

We also have one of the largest collections of minerals and gemstones in Scandinavia. Come and visit our museum, a place full of passion and stories that we are happy to share with you.

With us you can even learn the techniques of goldpanning and go and find your own gold!

A warm welcome to Kristallen in Lannavaara!