Smycken med mening - Jewellery with meaning

Four special people, four unique pieces of jewellery. 
One idea: to gather people of different backgrounds with a common burning instinct for people and nature, to promote a living Swedish countryside and give support to other people in the world.
Here you will find beautiful jewellery in silver and stones that were designed and produced in Sweden with nature as inspiration and people in mind. 
Every piece of jewellery sold contributes to a living Swedish countryside and the profits go to charity organizations.

Amethyst ring - Soy Lundqvist

Soy Lundqvist lives in Luleå. She says that she has always been curious. It is perhaps her strongest driving force, curiosity and a desire to understand. Meeting Jenny Söderström and Kristallen has opened up a new world for Soy. To hold a raw amethyst in your hand is to look back millions of years in time. It is like holding a piece of eternity in your hand.
- I feel deeply grateful to live for a short time in this eternity that the stone represents," she says.

She has been faithful to the university world all her life, first as a student and then as a staff member. She has a strong belief in the fundamental mission of universities, to create and develop new knowledge. She is equally convinced of the importance of entrepreneurial learning and business and the need for a vibrant and innovative countryside. Together they are the prerequisite for a long-term sustainable society and a circular economy.

Therefore, with her ring Soy chose to support Plan international who work to defend  children’s rights and equality over the world.
"Today's children are tomorrow's adults. Protecting children's right to a safe upbringing, integrity and the opportunity to build trusting relationships is everyone's responsibility. It is about respect and dignity. It is also part of a long-term sustainable society."
Yana Mangi's necklace is entirely made of sterling silver 925 and it comes with a 75 cm long silver chain unless otherwise agreed.

10% of the sum goes to Naturarvet.

"Nature and the Earth are important issues today, so I chose to highlight Mother Earth. We are only visitors to her and have no real significance. Therefore, I chose words that emphasize the elements (spirit, earth, wind, water, fire) instead of the symbols that the drum often has. The komsekulor were created because we need protection and they reinforce the round shape, a shape that is important to me. I hope that many people will appreciate this jewellery. I love forests, old forests are so original and endangered. I hope many people will support it."

Komsekulorna - Yana Mangi

Sami artist Yana Mangi has designed a silver necklace. The jewelry is inspired by the Sami shaman drum and the komsekula which are two important parts of the Sami culture. The drum helps to keep in touch with the gods, to be able to tune the weather and gives people the opportunity to get guidance about the north.  The komsekula is a Sami symbol that would hang over the Sami cradle to protect the child from evils spirits or diseases and bring happiness.

Yana Mangi is the artist who has conquered the world with her joik and her music. Deeply rooted in her Sami origins, she enchants her audience with stories about Lapland, nature and the Sami family. Her expression is unique and her joik is as evocative as the power of the forest, wind and mountains. Today she has performed in 31 countries, has published a large music production and has been an established artist for 30 years. "I was very happy to be asked. I am not a designer, but art has always been close to me. Symbolism was important to me when I was sketching, and it feels great to have a piece of jewelry that has meaning. It's nice to include my Sami origin, even if it's a message that everyone can relate to. I landed quickly on the drum. I myself have a drum that I got when I was 18 years old, and it is very special to me".

With this jewellery, Yana Mangi wants to highlight and celebrate the love of Mother Earth and the power of nature. As with all Smycken med mening pieces, part of the sales go to charity. Yana has chosen Naturarvet, an organization that works to preserve the Swedish old forest.

Rosenkvartsring - Charlotte Wall

Charlotte Wall is a woman with a deep commitment to society who is passionate about entrepreneurship and business. She sits on the board of Företagarna Sverige, is active in a number of different foundations and has run the prestigious Sturebadet for 25 years. Charlotte believes that a vibrant countryside with viable businesses is the solution to many of the challenges the society is facing today. She herself lives with nature as her closest neighbor and has a passion in classical music.

"I admire Jenny's business idea and thoughts about wanting to give something back and am so proud to be able to contribute. Uppsala Stadsmission is a charity close to my heart. They do a fantastic job of helping vulnerable people. I myself have been involved in the Uppsala Stadsmission and know that the money raised makes a big difference for people who really need it."
Charlotte has designed an elegant pinky ring made of sterling silver 925 and adorned with a rose quartz stone. She has chosen to donate her share of the profit to Uppsala Stadsmission for their work to support people who have ended up in exclusion and homelessness.
Charlotta Fjällborg's pendant is made of sterling silver 925, the chain is delivered 42 cm long unless otherwise agreed. In this pendant are three cabochon cut stones. A dumortierite (blue symbolizing the blueberry), a jasper (red symbolizing the lingonberry) and a carnelian (orange symbolizing the cloudberry). Dumortierite and jasper are found in the north.

10% of the sum goes to PALEMA.

Merry Berry - Lotta Fjällborg

"I wanted to connect the place where I feel at home with my history and background as a cancer patient and all the knowledge I have gained about food and health. I live and work in Kiruna but my husband and I have a cabin in Lannavaara. We love spending every free moment there, weekend and holiday. In our surroundings, it is traditional to pick our berries such as lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries. They grow in our beautiful swamps and forests and, with the help of the midnight sun, they are full of benefits that we have always known about here in the north. Modern research choose to call them superfood! The substances in these berries seem to strengthen our bodies.

At the same time, Jenny has access to rocks and minerals in the area around Lannavaara, which in combination with Kristallen's solid silver experience became a fantastic initiative. With three stones set in silver, I have chosen to call the jewellery "Merry Berry" in red, blue and orange to represent lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries!

I have chosen the cancer patient association PALEMA as a charity. Palema stands for the cancers of the pancreas, liver, stomach and oesophagus. Having suffered from stomach cancer myself, I know how important it is to provide support and information."